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the flour power dare

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the flour power dare
Step one: find a vent - car vent, one in your home- any vent really, Step two: get some flour and put a little bit in the vent, Step three: if it goes well - POOF!

make sure to show you doing it, the "poof!", & the aftermath mess - for more fun time someone to be around for the "poof!"

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here's hoping you do lol
87 months ago
Ha, I completed this dare when I was two years old, and didn't even know it. Wandered around dumping baby powder into all my mother's register vents. She was sooooooo mad when they turned the furnace on that winter. lol. Now I shall do it again 21 years later, and videotape the reactions for all too see!! Mwahahaha!
87 months ago

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