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The Public Entertaining Challenge

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The Public Entertaining Challenge

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Busy Place means a Mall, a high frequented place, a subway station, whatever where many people are around


1: Do the Koerperzellenrock in a busy place like a Mall a good frequented place etc.
2: Do a striptease in a Busy Place and sing "Iam too sexy for my Shirt"
3: Its Soccer WM: So show ur love to the German Fire Angels and sing "Deutschland vor, noch ein Tor" in a busy Place with a German Flag in ur Hand
4: U remember my Brag MysticFirestarter. Sing it in a busy Place


1: Do jogging in a Mankini Suit (u know that borat thing) on normal jogging ways
2: Go shopping just in a string tanga
3: U love ur team, so wear a string tanga and get ur TeamLogo painted on ur back and Chest and walk in a City of ur Choice for a good amount of Time

Entertaining / Dancing

1: Big Booty Bitches in a busy Place
2: Ask Strangers where the next BDSM Shop is, clothed in Leather fetish gear
3: Dance like Michael Jackson in a Busy Place and get Strangers to dance with u (MJ often had a crowd of People dancing with him, so why not you too)
4: Last but not least: Show ur love to MaD and wear the Logo MaD on ur Back and Chest and ur Stringtanga and yell as lout as possible in a busy Place: "MakeaDare, a place for Daredevils"

So thats all. Now entertain us on MakeaDare

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