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to crap you pants

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to crap you pants
to do the ultimate humiliation dare. if done i can almost assure you street cred. and because i know that most people will say easier said than done i will also complete this dare granted that some one else dose it p

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86 months ago
by Darkchamber
79 months ago
by FartLighter

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I think it's easier to crap than it is to piss.

80 months ago
rgmsolo's Avatar
y did i include that i will also do it clause
86 months ago
rgmsolo's Avatar
thats amazing someone actually did it that was hilarious props to u
86 months ago
too easy
86 months ago
wow... speachless
86 months ago
rgmsolo's Avatar
comon people its a good dare and humiliation lol
86 months ago

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