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Ultimate Theater Dare!! The Crying Moron!

More about Ultimate Theater Dare!! The Crying Moron!

Ultimate Theater Dare!! The Crying Moron!

Im going to need the most hardcore people for this since your gonna have to record this inside a movie theater...

Objective-- Bring 2 of your buddies.... while in the middle of the movie one of you starts crying from the top of your lungs and another one of you picks him up like a baby and carries him out of the theater!!!!

You have to really cry and shout to get attention and you have to be seated in the front seats so everyone can see you... GOOD LUCK!!

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damn, me and the rest of the skwad were supposed to do this but we never did. think we might have to do it now...

82 months ago

haha yeah, i have tried to do it, but there's no light so what i record is total darkness, you guys gotta test the best way to recorded, maybe whit one of does night vision cameras =O

82 months ago

This might be the best dare on the site

82 months ago

thanks :D

82 months ago

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