jfagfanxD dares Everyone to

upload your old fagster things.

More about upload your old fagster things.

upload your old fagster things.

We all have our old things just sitting around on our computers, so why not just upload em?

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78 months ago
by marvingit
78 months ago
by the_mighty_taff
77 months ago
by goodyuk
78 months ago
by foxxy93
78 months ago
by Matt_the_Dragon
69 months ago
by ThENuTTeRsArMy
78 months ago
by AbsOfSteel
78 months ago
by Wizard
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I'll even try to re-edit all stuff on youtube advertising for bragster and promote MaD now.

78 months ago

What i've been doing is, daring myself to do things that i already have me doing on the computer and uploading the old video as an entry, cutting out any traces of the fact that they were for bragster of course haha

78 months ago

Now there's an idea! lol

78 months ago

if only i kept them on this laptop ;(

78 months ago


78 months ago

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