Detox dares Everyone to

upload your xbox live avatar!

More about upload your xbox live avatar!

upload your xbox live avatar!

We all have one. Some look like us, some don't. Upload a picture of yours!

Use this http://avatar.xboxlive.com/avatar/_____________/avatar-body.png

Insert your gamertag (with spaces) in the line!

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94 months ago
by Fallnangel7
90 months ago
by Brett
90 months ago
by lesmaster3000
94 months ago
by MarioGotSkillz
94 months ago
by Detox
94 months ago
by GuiltyAsCharged
91 months ago
by Dan
86 months ago
by ShoutAtJordie
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GrafikPanik's Avatar

Is this even a dare? I mean come on, Dares are supposed to be humiliatiing/Nude/painful/funny.. :)

90 months ago
Fallnangel7's Avatar

lol, i look nothing like kine, ill have to change it

94 months ago
Detox's Avatar

haha its all good. it doesnt matter. just upload it!

94 months ago

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