testingtestin dares Everyone 

Test, are we working again??

goodyuk dares Everyone 

Time for another sponsored dare! This time we'll have less vomiting (hopefully). Sponsored dare for this month is to scare a friend. The winner will be chosen based off creativity and hilarity. The dare is pretty straight forward, no need for a big set of rules except please don't scare anyone...

Troy dares Everyone  Dare Entries 14 entries

Give me the hardest dare you can think of!

okubi0 dares Everyone 

Just like the challenge says the contest is to put on as many t-shirts as possible! Nice and simple challenge for all of you guys with prizes for the winners. 1st Place - 3 T-Shirts / Featured video on the homepage 2nd Place - 2 T-Shirts 3rd Place - 1 T-shirt ...

DeezTeez challenges Everyone  Dare Entries 16 entries

Just in time for the holidays we're having our second anual egg nog chug! We dare you to chug a half gallon of [NON-ALCOHOLIC] eggnog. We're going to up the stakes this year. The person we think did the best job will win a MakeADare themed FlipVideo! 1st...

Troy dares Everyone  Dare Entries 2 entries

i like photos not videos. so give me dares i can photograh, i like humiliation, pain, pee, nudity, or anything with my nipples or dick... the only resrtiction is that i have to do it alone. be creative! i want awesome dares to do!!

Vkarl dares Everyone 

Heavy.com wants you to yell "Mortal Kombat!!" at the top of your lungs out in public. The person who does it best gets $25 and a free Heavy.com t-shirt, not to mention the envy of the entire MAD community. Show us what you've got, MAD! You'd better hurry up, though....

Heavy dares Everyone  Dare Entries 6 entries

Within 24 hours of accepting this dare, you have to piss your mom off so bad that she's ready to have you committed. I don't care how, I don't care when (as long as it's within 24 hours of acceptance), and I don't really care at what cost. What...

calicab dares Everyone 

Movember is a great charity to raise awareness for prostate cancer. Throughout the month of november we challenge you to grow out the best mustache possible! Those who grow the best mustaches will win great prizes (ranging from gift certificates to t-shirts) All in all, it's a great cause...

Movember dares Everyone  Dare Entries 4 entries

Derp. Call it in, or go in and try.... I just want to see what pizza places will do something like that.

calicab dares Everyone 

Right so, i've seen alot of guys ogling the 'sport a hand bra' dare and think it's about time we started giving the women something to look at. i mean women like to look at men so why not. take a picture of you wearing nothing but a hat covering...

mrmunky dares Everyone  Dare Entries 7 entries

I want to start working on a new dubstep video, but I need some new material. So everybody just DANCE!! You can dance what ever style you want, where ever you want. And plus you'll probably see your video in my dubstep video so....yeah :D If you haven't seen...

BaboonSkwad dares Everyone  Dare Entries 9 entries

You MUST complete all of these! 1. Follow them around the house everywhere... 2. Moo when they say your name... 3. Run into walls... 4. Say that wearing clothes is against your religion... 5. Stand over them at four in the morning with a huge grin on your face and...

Jay_Why dares Everyone 

Tell me what you want to see added to the site with the next upgrade, hopefully in a super creative and awesome or mean way. I want to hear passion in your voice, dammit. Responses with the most votes will probably be the ones I choose, as long as it's...

NotTroy dares Everyone  Dare Entries 3 entries

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