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Promised they just left Larry Bird and Danny Granger

"I want to be able to work together with the 'Big Bird' Bird will be a very good experience." Promised laughs.
"It would be nice!" Larry Bird said happily, it seems almost necessary to excitedly jump up like, "This is really an exciting good news."
"Mr. Bird, I will not let you disappointed!" Promised firm said.
"Do you really decided to join the Indiana Pacers?" After the "Big Bird" Larry Bird in haste, cheap hockey jerseys, Bill Duffy immediately asked, turning the promise Road.
Nodded and said "I have decided!" Promises.
"How? Do not want to go to Orlando with New York?" In the side of Yao Ming asked.
"Want." Promised so replied, "But my priority now should be a firm foothold in the NBA inside first, etc. After a few years, I played in the NBA, which some of the tricks, and then move to Orlando or New York later than tell the truth, I want to go to Orlando, one of the main reasons I want to play around in the Dwight Howard, but Howard will after a few years will not continue to stay in Orlando? to then talk about it. "
Yao Ming nodded, "reasonable." He said.
Promised to take off the head of the Pacers a black baseball cap, relieved the general long breath, "Next we want to do?" He asked, "back to the hotel?"
Bill Duffy raised his wrist and looked at his watch, the lateness of the hour, promised parents look tired, even Yao Ming has been playing a yawn, and Derrick Williams had already gone. "If there is nothing we can go back," said Bill Duffy, "do not know Larry will not ..."
Bill Duffy, and not his words finished, it is clear that his attention was attracted in the past and promise to gaze down the Bill Duffy, and promised to see the kind invitation to the ball of the Indiana Pacers team, general manager of Big Bird "Bird is back, however, this time, Bird was not one of his own people came to him a man. The promise of this person very familiar, very familiar with most of the players in the NBA as a basketball player, and recognize him walking on the side of Larry Bird, that person is the boss of the Indiana Pacers Danny Granger .
"Are there any players to follow the general manager to recognize rookie in the NBA Draft?" cheap nfl jerseys,Promised before Larry Bird and Danny Granger approached quickly asked Bill Duffy Road.
"Some teams will let their players to extract rookie signed, I think Danny Granger is the Pacers sent to draw lots." Bill Duffy said quickly, "But walkers rookie sign not in the lottery, there is no need must be someone to draw it. "
Bill Duffy, then did not finish, Larry Bird and Danny Granger has been approached.
"Hello folks! Danny Granger first smile to the promise to play a greeting," Welcome to join our team. "
Larry Bird smiled and promised, said: "You should know him?"
The promise of smiled and nodded, "Danny Granger, maybe I called 'boss' is more appropriate." He said, a pedestrian all laughed.
"Call me Danny," Danny Granger said with a smile, "we are all part of the team, although you are a newcomer, but in reality we are all equal."
Promised my heart that you kept saying that we are all equal to the pitch maybe you swing - boss shelf, wholesale authentic nfl jerseys, but the promise is just in my heart to say, his face still a smile. "Very pleased the team's Big Brother can you be so flattering," promised only half in jest and said, "Maybe after officially joining the team is good, Is to a team I do not work? (NBA rookies usually do some of the obligations of labor)
"Your kid can really humorous," Danny Granger said with a smile, and then he turned his head to ask Larry Bird, "This year we select only a rookie, I am not mistaken, Mr. Bird? "
"In fact, we selected two rookies, but we just decided that our No. 15 signed traded to the San Antonio Spurs, in order to get the San Antonio Spurs' George Hill." Larry Bird said.
"Ha!" Danny Granger laughed together, "it seems you are only a rookie in our team Yeah, but also a rookie in franchise history the first from China," he The promise says, "It seems that your rookie year will be miserable miserable!"
"No," promised faint smile, said, "I am willing to do something for the Big Brother team obligations." Promised lips to say, but my mind was a sneer that you just kept saying that we are all equal part of now I have not joined the team you started to think directs me to do this and that. The side of the Yao Ming listened to the promise, then, just smiled and said nothing.
Bill Duffy seems to listen to the dialogue between the promise and Danny Granger two more wrong, he raised his wrist and looked at his watch, Larry Bird said: "Larry, the time has not earlier, I think we go back to the hotel promised a rest also do. "
Larry Bird looked at the piece of expensive Rolex watch, nodded and said: "Okay." Danny Granger is directed at the promise of his usual broad smile and said; "I expect you to as early as Some join the team, new, good-bye. "
"Good-bye." authentic nfl jerseys, Promised with a smile, "I am looking forward to the moment we are together fighting side by side."
Promised they just left Larry Bird and Danny Granger, and promised a long, long long long long long sighed.
"What promise?" Yao Ming could not help but asked with a smile.
"I do not like Danny Granger." Promise said, they began to become frown up.
Not want to leave the Pacers? "Bill Duffy to see the promised frowned, then opening asked.
"It really would like to," the promise said, "I have promised Mr. Larry Bird, then go back to die it."
"Well," Bill Duffy nodded and said, "is certainly not good, the character of Larry, if you are offended him, then every subsequent first met you waiting Punished, and the end usually miserable, as far as I know, be able to get along with Larry Bird and well 'rivals', it was only 'Magic' Johnson, a man. "
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