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98 months ago

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just smoke, but upside down

absolut_vodka dares Everyone

Just do something 'normal' and make it seem like it's a big deal, like it's epic :P Either by the editing or just by overkilling it or something ^^ ...

absolut_vodka dares Everyone

It's just like sugar, only it's not.. :P

absolut_vodka dares Everyone

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Nice to see you here man !

98 months ago
HetLot's Avatar

Eens den Vlaming toevoegen hé, haha :)

98 months ago
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98 months ago
absolut_vodka's Avatar

thxx [:

98 months ago
goodyuk's Avatar

thnx for the friend :)

98 months ago
absolut_vodka's Avatar

yw [: thxx for your dare to join this site

98 months ago
goodyuk's Avatar

hee hee... good to see more people taking that particular dare up eh :)

98 months ago
Name Zachii
Location Vlaams Brabant
Age 27
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I like doing stupid shit, so yeah ^^

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100% alcohol

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