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What am I doing?

i dnt knw wht ima do but ima do it
102 months ago

have their face licked dare See All

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its self explanitory

bKriLL dares Everyone

Tackle a stranger and run away

bKriLL dares Everyone

when its raining, shower with shampoo and body wash outside!

bKriLL dares Everyone

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Hello my Name is Gift,
i saw your profile i be come
interested to be your friend please
contact me, so that i will give you
my picture and tell you more about me,
please just send me email to (giftmaxwell91@yahoo.com)
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70 months ago
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liking ur stuff dude!
102 months ago
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thanks man glad u like watching me in pain pmsl xD
102 months ago
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LOL thanks man! well if ur gna be dumb u gta tough!! xD

thats the saying!
102 months ago
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hey handsome!
102 months ago
Name Brad
Location Krill
United States
Age 26
Last Seen 76 months ago

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my names Brad..just doing stupid stuff and having fun haha.

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bKriLL dared Everyone to return something you didnt buy
76 months ago
bKriLL dared Everyone to tackle a random person
76 months ago
bKriLL accepted take a shower outside
76 months ago
bKriLL dared Everyone to take a shower outside
76 months ago
bKriLL commented on an entry for DANCE!!
99 months ago
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