Blablokblah is HEATING UP

What am I doing?

I'm back you bitches.
89 months ago

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Go to the butcher and pick up some brains and eat them. Cook em, fry em, eat em raw. Doesn't matter.

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Go out in public and talk up everyone's favorite up and coming actor like what is demonstrated in this clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1xS2wRdhLA No need to trash an office, but couldn't...

Blablokblah dares Everyone

it's pretty self explanatory. Just do it, film it, GO BIG

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BaboonSkwad's Avatar

Just thought I'd let you know that you're in my dubstep remix video. http://www.makeadare.com/video/dubstep-remix

99 months ago
hypergorilla's Avatar

friend, you are the beardliest man I have ever had the pleasure of knowing

100 months ago
MSMstuntsCo's Avatar

I bet that phone book left a number of pains on your face :D

100 months ago
Blablokblah's Avatar

Yes, you could say it left his ears ringing!

100 months ago
hypergorilla's Avatar

yeah, i really had to uh....call out sick..... the next day at work...... i'm really bad at puns.

100 months ago
StoooopALoop's Avatar

You went wild with videos today huh.

100 months ago
Blablokblah's Avatar

I am a wild man.

100 months ago
NotTroy's Avatar

Haha nice photo

100 months ago
Blablokblah's Avatar

Lebowski Fest costume. And that's Grade-A real Beard.

100 months ago
Brett's Avatar

you went to lebowski fest, that's sick

100 months ago
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I'm on a life long mission to seek out fun where ever it has potential.

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