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back at work again.
95 months ago

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contact someone either by phone, web cam, or face to face and play truth or dare for real, the game can consist of funny, humiliateing, physical, naked dare. ...

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To pick some one on " make a dare" and arrange to play a game of truth or dare over the phone... to post it simple just webcam some of...

dago12 dares Everyone

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93 months ago
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Hey thanks for the add bro!

Welcome to MAD!


98 months ago
Name Marty
Location Texas
United States
Age 29
Last Seen 75 months ago

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Inside info on me i'm 22, in TX, on FT Bliss in the Army and most likely shouldnt be doing this but hell i want to have some fun. lol I like to have a good time and be out going wild and enjoy life. There really isn't much i won't do. i very open to dares in this case lol. just generally am an open person, love to chat and get to know people, This sounds like it will be interest time, hope to meet alot of ya'll and make some friends and get some dares down.

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dago12 dared Everyone to truth or dare phone call
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