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DARE ME DAMN IT.... I get bored
84 months ago

pierce their lip at home on their own dare See All

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Well i didn't see a eggnog chute for this year... Sadly I cannot offer any prizes like troy (which I have yet to receive from LAST YEAR) but ya still...

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as it says i want a pair of k-1 MMA style trunks to do my new years eve fight in.... i wanna rep MAD from now on and get my...

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i have noticed thaqt every1 dares some1 directly lol i wanna feel special too... dare me to do shit idc what it is if i can do it physically i...

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Name Andrew Rendon
Location Dallas
United States
Age 25
Last Seen 3 months ago

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i am crazy, willing to do anything (usually) i am normally motivated by prizes (like the 50$ or a cam for the eggnog chug).... if u want me to do something and the price is right chances are ill do it ;)

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demonboy dared Everyone to eggnog chug woooo!!!!
80 months ago
demonboy commented on the dare hand cothes thereself
82 months ago
demonboy accepted hand cothes thereself
82 months ago
demonboy commented on an entry for take a flying leap.
83 months ago
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