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Im new to Makeadare and i want to see some people fall off a ladder. Because everyone knows you cant watch somebody fall off a ladder and not laugh. It...

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93 months ago
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93 months ago
Name Nunya
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We are the Good ole boys.
A small group from down south Georgia, Good ole boys is more than crazy videos, we are a fuckin lifestyle.
We live a very crazy lifestyle and we are just documenting it for your entertainment. From parties to fights, from arrest to broken bones, we will capture it on film. Good ole boys has been on thousands of websites, with tv appearances and hundreds of thousands of video views.....these boys aint right.
There are millions of people that live wild and crazy lifestyles but we are the kings of crazy, were the Good ole boys.

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93 months ago
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93 months ago
GOBVideos dared Everyone to fall off a ladder.
93 months ago
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