What am I doing?

Gah its so hard to do dares with your face covered!
98 months ago

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Do the manliest thing you can think of! This dare is about what YOU think is manly. If you think punching a wale in the face dressed as...

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Summer is finally coming! Cut out a design with something like tape or cardboard then put it on your body and lay out in the sun! Troy would...

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Find a victim that doesnt know what you are doing! Easy way to pull this off is to get someone using the computer. The more you use before...

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ohhh snap he's on

91 months ago
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and so it begins

99 months ago
Name Mr. G Man
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United States
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At first I joined this site to support Troy but Its fun and addicting. Great site but I can't show my face because of my job so dare me to do things that lets me keep the greenbean suit on!

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