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What am I doing?

Wowwww haven't been in here in ages! BRING ON THE DARES!
80 months ago

eat 8 saltine crackers in under 1 minute. dare See All

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Kyler....i dare you to do all of your twisted dares that you dared us to do....

Get one of those fart machines (or if you can fart on cue then don't bother ;) ) Walk past a crowd of people and LET IT RIP! ANDDDDDDD...

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if you live in a place where it would be difficult to have a pillow fight then go to a busy park, or a busy area of your town! Grab...

Hannahisme123 dares Everyone

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Here is a pain dare for you. Do murga(bend over and grab your ears through your legs) for more than 3 mins. It's a difficult task, a real challenge. I DARE you

7 months ago
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81 months ago
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83 months ago
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Hi Hannah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) :P Saltine cacker challenge

86 months ago
Name Hannah
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Well, I'm Hannah. I like doing challenges so get daring !

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Hannahisme123 commented on the dare do all of his dares
86 months ago
Hannahisme123 dared Everyone to fart LOUD in public.....
86 months ago
Hannahisme123 commented on the dare put cling film on public toilets
86 months ago
Hannahisme123 commented on the dare take suggestively to your mail man
86 months ago
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