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inspired by some spanish dude i saw in spain, he bought a Lamp next door then came in and had a beer with the lamp i thought it be funny...

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After watcing Harry Hil TV Burps on TV right now i just had to put it on here: Make a Milkshake with an Onion, A Sausuage, A Lemon, A Strawberry...

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Fart down an electric megaphone, no feeble shit lol, give it a right good fart blast

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welcome Mo Fo

90 months ago
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yeahahhhhhh ...

90 months ago
Name Andy
Location Manchester
United Kingdom
Age 32
Last Seen 68 months ago

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Strange, Bit Crazy, has a tendancy to be hyperactive and talk TOO much, and likes to rant in a comical / sarcastic way

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84 months ago
HappyGoth dared Everyone to A light beer
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