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96 months ago

eat an egg... dare See All

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Get on chyo chains, jewellery, get a wife beater or shirtless. Dare you to lipsink a gangster song. Yar making your Best gangster music video.

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Will you marry me?? I need a green card babe.... =) Go up to a stranger and ask them to marry you for citizenship to your country! Bonus points for...

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Brush your teeth with Preparation H. XoX have fun.

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kisslove12's Avatar

Hello my Name is Gift,
i saw your profile i be come
interested to be your friend please
contact me, so that i will give you
my picture and tell you more about me,
please just send me email to (giftmaxwell91@yahoo.com)
i have some thing important to tell you please,
if you Really want to know me contact me at

69 months ago
marvingit's Avatar

Omg ur alive pmsl.

How's life man?

89 months ago
lux's Avatar

herrooo! :]

96 months ago
marvingit's Avatar

great seeing u bak in action bro! =D

96 months ago
Wizard's Avatar

Hey Hotey hows u ^_^

96 months ago
marvingit's Avatar

hey man hows things?

98 months ago
Name Jonni
Location Vancouver
Age 27
Last Seen 89 months ago

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