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What am I doing?

Best Friends: A Comedic Thriller
100 months ago

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Everyone has them and I always love watching them.

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Alexandria18's Avatar

hey how are you doing? i have not tlk to you in a while.
(Jake R.I.P.)

77 months ago
PornGames's Avatar

Cool vidios! U best :-)

82 months ago
Alexandria18's Avatar

hey what are you up to....whats new

83 months ago
dragonangyle's Avatar

Wow....close my eyes for a second, and the dream fell asleep. Hmmm.....maybe time go get involved again? Is it worth the effort?

83 months ago
hurlex112's Avatar

Definitly worth the effort, it always starts with one

83 months ago
Alexandria18's Avatar

hey what are you up to?

83 months ago
Alexandria18's Avatar

hey watz up?

83 months ago
Wizard's Avatar

Hi Hurlex112 sent u a new pm man please read it thanks

84 months ago
DoubleOAwesome's Avatar

I love you..

84 months ago
AngelAspen's Avatar

May I ask why you friended me?

85 months ago
Wizard's Avatar

Hi Hurelx 112 can u ask brett to remove me from makeadare man i asked him three times now and i am still waiting lol

85 months ago
neonbrilliance's Avatar

Hi guys, r u taking new dares? What kind?

87 months ago
LelleyandPom's Avatar

Nothing but naked dares!

88 months ago
Fallnangel7's Avatar

12 months and no new status update...

I am Disappoint...

88 months ago
dragonangyle's Avatar

I am proud :) world

83 months ago
Name Pat
Location Lynnfield, MA
United States
Age 29
Last Seen 70 months ago

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I enjoy long walks on the beach, sunsets, and rainbows. I'm a sucker for a good book, blue eyes, and a big heart.

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