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What am I doing?

Been busy, I will make a triumphant return soon...
96 months ago

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out of a moving vehicle! ok, I don't really care if you duck, or roll. just as long as you jump out of a moving vehicile

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make a design, or something silly, or I dunno, just take a plain white t-shirt and smear your poop on it. Just make a brand new t-shirt idea that no...

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give in to your deepest desire. you've always had a secret desire to dress in drag, cheat on your boyfriend/girlfriend, sexually abuse the neighbors pet, binge eat, lick a toilet,...

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81 months ago
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hi honey!

99 months ago
Name gergot
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I smell like a lemon sandwich. Horses fear me. Tacos are plentiful in my home. Jesus wasn't straightedge, but I am. So, come and belong with me, friends are forever! I never wrote on anything I couldn't read.

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hypergorilla commented on an entry for upload a bad picture of yourself
79 months ago
hypergorilla dared Everyone to duck and roll.....
96 months ago
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