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chillin with wifey
107 months ago

run into a sign... face first. dare See All

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Okay so here is how it works, select an unsuspecting victim, have a friend crawl behind them and sit, while you run up and push them over your friend. its...

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Grab a friend, or even a random stranger, catch them off guard and give them a sick ass chest kick while screaming the o-so famous line "THIS IS SPARTA" !!!...

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You and a friend hop on bikes, grab your pole and ride FULL SPEED AND JOUST! =]

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Hello my Name is Gift,
i saw your profile i be come
interested to be your friend please
contact me, so that i will give you
my picture and tell you more about me,
please just send me email to (giftmaxwell91@yahoo.com)
i have some thing important to tell you please,
if you Really want to know me contact me at

70 months ago
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Thank you. :]
107 months ago
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108 months ago
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Dont worry ill show ya!
108 months ago
Name Zippo n krisTEN
Location Freeport, NY
United States
Age 30
Last Seen 92 months ago

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this is Zippo and Kristy's account! we're a hippy couple of todays times, some say being around us is a time warp to the 60's ;)

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