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96 months ago

light a cigarette in the most awesome way dare See All

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Preferably on piercings ^^

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upload a picture of you wearing a hooters shirt. the real tank top the waitresses wear not a souvenir shirt.

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How you been?

95 months ago
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How you been?

95 months ago
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welcome to mad Jack_Rabbit_Slim cool mad name.^_^

97 months ago
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I knew I'd get you hooked on this site! :-D

97 months ago
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i wanna make videos though :( ima try to get my brother to eat eggs with me

97 months ago
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97 months ago
Name Becky
Location Jamaica, Queens
United States
Age 29
Last Seen 45 months ago

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i'm like a rubber band ball ... colorful, bouncy, and unpredictable.

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