JayJayBunny is HEATING UP

What am I doing?

someone give me some dares :D
96 months ago

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everyone has one thing they eat people think is gross Example. Jam and cheese sandwich, celery and peanut butter snacks , rice and banana desert show us yours!

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The 3 minute cheeseburger challenge is simple, on the same day we will both go to McDonald's and separately film at the same time, how many cheeseburgers we can eat in three...

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get on their nerves ! Make them flip out !

JayJayBunny dares Everyone

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Hey thank you for the add!

96 months ago
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cheers for the fannage bro!

97 months ago
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97 months ago
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Thank mate :D

97 months ago
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Thanks :D

97 months ago
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97 months ago
Name Jay Jay :D
Location Sunshinetown :P
Age 28
Last Seen 90 months ago

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Look im here to have fun and get to be number one on this website !! :D

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