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97 months ago

put on as many t-shirts as possible! dare See All

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you tell someone how hard it is to do the impossible situp and you have to put a shirt over there head so they can see and when they jerk...

joespinale dares Everyone

you and your friend have to do something embarrassing a group of strangers and do something embarrassing

joespinale dares Everyone

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dared u dude!

97 months ago
joespinale's Avatar

yep you like that lol

97 months ago
marvingit's Avatar

lol yea man looks like u will hav fun here dude

97 months ago
Name joe spinale
Location Boston
United States
Age 27
Last Seen 93 months ago

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joespinale completed impossible sit up
94 months ago
joespinale accepted impossible sit up
94 months ago
joespinale dared Everyone to impossible sit up
94 months ago
joespinale accepted pretend to trip
94 months ago
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