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ParishayKhan's Avatar

A bold, wild and hard dare for you. Do nude murga (bend over and grab your ears through your legs) for more than 3 mins. It's a difficult task, a real challenge. I DARE you

8 months ago
ParishayKhan's Avatar

your are awesome JoleyJayne

8 months ago
lilizzy's Avatar

shes good

73 months ago
epikdareguy's Avatar

where is she i hope she accepts the dare i gave her

76 months ago
DarkCC's Avatar

Thanks for accepting the add :)


96 months ago
Quinton250's Avatar

Damn gurl! Your fine! how old are you!?

96 months ago
JoleyJayneOHC's Avatar

Thanks! I'm 18.

96 months ago
Quinton250's Avatar

well thats not bad im 16 about to be 17. you should hook me up wit your numba so i can talk to ya some.

96 months ago
JoleyJayneOHC's Avatar

Thank you Troy!

97 months ago
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97 months ago
Name Joley Jayne
Location Arizona
United States
Age 26
Last Seen 96 months ago

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96 months ago
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