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What am I doing?

when do i get rid of my noob status?
93 months ago

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basically copy this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrs7Z8FRQeQ&feature=fvst it's been done but it's a funny prank

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this is a classic. it takes at least 2 people. one dressed as a gorilla one dressed as a banana. you can add more bananas if you like. go to...

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get in a random crowd and when you see a VW hit the person next to you and say "red one", "black one" etc

kylezozyle dares Everyone

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im down yeeoo

93 months ago
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i need a fucking camera, i cant do any dares cuz i have nothing to record with

93 months ago
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haha good call

93 months ago
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lets get some dares goin broooo

93 months ago
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