What am I doing?

maybe, baby.
96 months ago

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Sup hottness!

75 months ago
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89 months ago
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Well Hi There

96 months ago
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hi there back! i just joined, what's been your favorite dare so far?

96 months ago
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Um, well you can check out any of my videos besides troy's birthday present and you can tell me which one your favorite is and then do it :]

96 months ago
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Welcome lux!

96 months ago
Name lux
Location oregon
United States
Age 28
Last Seen 96 months ago

More about lux

i'm an alt model from godsgirls.com and a camgirl from onhercam.com. i like dares.

you can visit my ohc profile here:

my godsgirls profile:

my twitter:

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