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up to no good!
108 months ago

have fun with staples. dare See All

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kisslove12's Avatar

Hello my Name is Gift,
i saw your profile i be come
interested to be your friend please
contact me, so that i will give you
my picture and tell you more about me,
please just send me email to (giftmaxwell91@yahoo.com)
i have some thing important to tell you please,
if you Really want to know me contact me at

70 months ago
LelleyandPom's Avatar

Hi, how r u?

91 months ago
Mindphuk's Avatar

Hi back! I am great! You??

91 months ago
LelleyandPom's Avatar

We're real good thanks. Hope the family are all well!

91 months ago
Mindphuk's Avatar

Very well! Very busy!

91 months ago
Wizard's Avatar

I cant believe Mindphuk i wasnt already a fan of u on here.I am now hope u are well ^_^

98 months ago
WoopAss's Avatar
Hey thanks Mindphuk!Good to see u to .
102 months ago
AbsOfSteel's Avatar
Hey, everything fine. So this site fills up with bragsters fast :-)
102 months ago
Hotey's Avatar
IM ya Num1 fan! =)
104 months ago
iarethek1ng's Avatar
nice staple vid.... -zippo kris10
107 months ago
darkglass90's Avatar
hey thanks for the request!!!!;D
107 months ago
Darkchamber's Avatar
hey girl! good to see you here
108 months ago
GuiltyAsCharged's Avatar
Well hello.
108 months ago
Name Michelle
Location NH
United States
Age 39
Last Seen 82 months ago

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No label fits me. So dont even try. I am your dream girl and the kind of girl your mother warned you about all rolled up into 1!

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