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What am I doing?

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102 months ago

do the best split they can! dare See All

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do a split as best you can. dont strain yourself and pull something. but seriously try it out.

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your a jerk
102 months ago
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102 months ago
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102 months ago
Name Evangelos
Location [516]
United States
Age 27
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music is my life. i play violin, guitar, and i sing. i listen to music 24/7. i even write music. not just that but i love numbers. i plan on majoring in math education with a minor in theatre or music. i have a girlfriend. her name is KENDALL ROSE MURPHY and she is the best thing that has ever happened to me. im into some pretty funky stuff. not only that but im one of the weirdest people on the face of the planet. ive been told by everyone i know that getting to know me is one of the most intresting experiences they will ever have. i also have mondo amounts of energy. i put the 5 hour energy drink to shame. thats it for now. pretty sure this is gonna update soon.

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102 months ago
MrGreekEvangelos dared Everyone to do the best split they can!
102 months ago
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