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What am I doing?

Long Time Since I Been Up On Here Give Me A Dare(:
85 months ago

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Make A Video describing a dare you would like for me to do be creative but not disgusting or painful....thanks lets see what you got

perkinsbaby06 dares Everyone

Just what it says come up with a dare for me my video camera is broke new one next payday so for now pictures only but be creative thanks!!!!!!! ...

perkinsbaby06 dares Everyone

Go Up To A Stranger And Pick There Nose HAHA

perkinsbaby06 dares Everyone

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Go to the closest lake and go for a swim wants you are out where the water should be above your head, then remove your top and your bottoms. Let them sink to the bottom of the lake. Say out there as long as you like. Them swim back naked and run to your car where you will have anew set of clothes waiting for you. You can do this at any time of day or night

69 months ago
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Thanks for accepting our add!!!


Crysis & Conor

96 months ago
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Just thought I'd let you know that you're in my dubstep remix video. http://www.makeadare.com/video/dubstep-remix

99 months ago
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Welcome to Make A Dare! So far you've got some good uploads and dares! Keep 'em coming!

99 months ago
DrunkDumbFucks's Avatar

whats going on?

99 months ago
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haha, I can tell you couldnt cover them fully... quite a handful :)


99 months ago
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Haha welcome aboard!

99 months ago
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thanks this site seems pretty effin awesome

99 months ago
Name Leandra
Location West Virginia
United States
Age 26
Last Seen 82 months ago

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The name is Leandra on Sept.15th I changed the world with my arrival(: I like to have fun and party!!!!

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