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What am I doing?

Buying a mask so i can do dares and still not risk my job!
96 months ago

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Cut a watermelon into 4 even slices, and see how much of it you can eat using only your mouth in 2 minutes!

praahe dares Everyone

Tilt your head and squirt ketchup in your eyes. See how long you can stand it.

praahe dares Everyone

All you gotta do is slap a cactus as hard as you can.

praahe dares Everyone

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yayz! thanks for the fan :D

97 months ago
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thanks for the fan!

97 months ago
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I'm too lazy to update my status lol

98 months ago
Name Nunya
Location Home
United States
Age 29
Last Seen 85 months ago

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96 months ago
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96 months ago
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