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99 months ago

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Make a video about how to survive the zombie outbreak (we all know is comming) Discovery channel style like Bear Grylls. Watch this for ideas on how to film it. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=4479109477606507415#docid=-3991897959594042815...

RedFail dares Everyone

Call geeksquad or another pc repair place and ask for help with your pc because all the porn you have is messing up your computer. Make sure to describe some...

RedFail dares Everyone

When someone is taking a shower open the curtain/door and piss on or by them, or even over the top.

RedFail dares Everyone

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Kastfilms's Avatar

hey, thanks for the request:D

97 months ago
dragonangyle's Avatar

I couldn't help it, afterall.....windows was your idea :D

98 months ago
CrazyRetard's Avatar

thanks for the addage bro!


99 months ago
nycboy20's Avatar

haha i saw you sent me a friend request, but are you going to accept my nutshot dare?

99 months ago
marvingit's Avatar

thanks 4 friend and bro! :D

99 months ago
DrunkDumbFucks's Avatar

whats going on?

99 months ago
TommyDean999's Avatar

Thanks for friend+fan :D

99 months ago
Fallnangel7's Avatar

thanks 4 da friend and fan!!!!!!

99 months ago
DoubleOAwesome's Avatar

Thanks for the friends and fan!

99 months ago
codahbear's Avatar

Ta for the friendage

99 months ago
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99 months ago
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99 months ago
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