rockonidiot45 is HEATING UP

What am I doing?

finally completing some dares
103 months ago


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if you dont know what it is, google it!

rockonidiot45 dares Everyone

it can be an infected or survivor; either from the first or second game

rockonidiot45 dares Everyone

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Come back.

100 months ago
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Hello :)

Have a look at my profile pleeasse :)
106 months ago
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your my bitch.
106 months ago
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Keep it up!
107 months ago
Name kendall
Location LI, new york
United States
Age 28
Last Seen 71 months ago

More about rockonidiot45

Firstly, I have a boyfriend. So back off.

Other than than, Im a really chill person. I like to laugh and act like a total tarddd.

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103 months ago
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103 months ago
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