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Gym time
98 months ago

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this is a game i made up which all you have to do is take a pic in the best local place you can find and put your jeans round...

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do the dance movement exactly liek how turk does it. i love brown bear haha

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G_Man's Avatar

Brother of mine!!!

98 months ago
Scott_Harker's Avatar

hey brother raise all my shit up
just did it for you

98 months ago
CrazyRetard's Avatar

cheers for the addage bro! x.

98 months ago
GuiltyAsCharged's Avatar

Welcome to Make A Dare!

98 months ago
Scott_Harker's Avatar

hello there people :)

98 months ago
Troy's Avatar

Hey there! Welcome

98 months ago
TommyDean999's Avatar

Thanks for the add + fan (:

98 months ago
MarioGotSkillz's Avatar

haha yeahhhhhhhh its the marvster

98 months ago
Name Scott Harker
Location Home
United Kingdom
Age 26
Last Seen 78 months ago

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