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just fapping, mostly
89 months ago

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St. Patrick's Day is coming, show us your best Irish assets painted green.

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Take a picture or video of yourself wearing only a skimpy bikini made out of whipped cream. Extra credit if it is a thong.

spankin_sam dares Everyone

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Thanks for the fan! :)

89 months ago
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89 months ago
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Ok. *shrug*

89 months ago
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If I owned green paint or whipped cream, I may have been able to do one of these. Try something less obtuse and more approachable.

89 months ago
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I will buy you either the whipped cream or the green paint, you can choose. And since they are my dares, I want them to reflect my own obtuseness.

89 months ago
Name Sam
Location NYC
United States
Age 54
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I am a little creepy and somewhat pervy, and I enjoy taking long, romantic walks on the beach.

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