The_Burnsta is HEATING UP

What am I doing?

jerkin it
99 months ago

Confess your addiction to masturbating dare See All

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sweet videos dude!

100 months ago
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Thx for accept

100 months ago
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putting your ass on fire was epic

100 months ago
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100 months ago
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holy shit, people like me, THEY REALLY LIKE ME

100 months ago
MM_Is_The_Freak's Avatar

Christ dude, way to catch up. >.>

100 months ago
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Not for long dude! Ur flying! Soon be on the next level! Go check out some more of my dares... see if any tempt you! I'll get thinking of more! :D

100 months ago
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liking ur videos dude - welcome to MaD I can see you will be an asset

100 months ago
Name Brian
Location Westbury, NY
United States
Age 29
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Hey everyone, my names Brian and I'm here to do some dares, so lets get to this.

P.S. MM_Is_The_Freak is my camera man. He'll be apart of almost every video.

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The_Burnsta completed BED DIVE!!!
99 months ago
The_Burnsta accepted BED DIVE!!!
99 months ago
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99 months ago
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