titanic is a NOOB

What am I doing?

trying to figure out how to use this site
98 months ago

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find an empty pool and skateboard

titanic dares Everyone

the title says it all

titanic dares Everyone

collect a week or 2 worth of earwak and eat it add navel fluth if u want

titanic dares Everyone

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Welcome aboard!

98 months ago
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thanks i'm new to this site so i have no idea how to do somethings

98 months ago
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I'll shoot you a message :)

98 months ago
Name Nunya
Location Home
United States
Age 27
Last Seen 66 months ago

More about titanic

happy abt being able to be on this site

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titanic commented on an entry for Style Your Hair With Elmers Glue
83 months ago
titanic commented on an entry for eat some glue!
83 months ago
titanic completed show me your dog
87 months ago
titanic accepted show me your dog
87 months ago
titanic dared Everyone to skateboard in empty pool
87 months ago
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