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Tie your balls up, and tie your legs apart. Then have a friend lift you up and ram your nuts into a pole... 10 times. Take video and post...

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Buy alcohol like teens do. Stand near liquor store and get a homeless man, to hook u up.

Toughguy123 dares Everyone

Send me crazy nut shot dares and I will post a video of me completing them. However, no fire or needles for safety reasons! And nothing that will cause permanent...

Toughguy123 dares Everyone

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Yes on the webcam

42 months ago
Alexf007's Avatar

Don't understand your dare

42 months ago
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I haven't given it too u yet, I need to know if u know how to use a webcam tho? Yes or no?

42 months ago
Name Nunya
Location Home
United States
Age 28
Last Seen 42 months ago

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Toughguy123 dared Everyone to Nutty pole
42 months ago
Toughguy123 dared Everyone to Flashback
42 months ago
Toughguy123 accepted Do taekwondo naked
42 months ago
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