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87 months ago

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Today is Brett's (my brother's) birthday. Anyone feel like wishing him a happy one?

Troy dares Everyone

Time for another sponsored dare! This time we'll have less vomiting (hopefully). Sponsored dare for this month is to scare a friend. The winner will be chosen based off creativity and...

Troy dares Everyone

Go into a big and tall store and find the biggest pair of pants you can find, jump inside and stretch out the pants and smile! Just like this: http://i.imgur.com/H6rXR.jpg...

Troy dares Everyone

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dashiepie's Avatar

Yeah how dare you make me do this type of dare?!

3 months ago
sinoda's Avatar

HEY FUCK YOU TROY, Shame on you

67 months ago
dragonangyle's Avatar

What happened?

72 months ago
Wuzzgoof's Avatar

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here

73 months ago
chrsthr94's Avatar

make a better site than this bragster was a lot better

73 months ago
Bigbailey2010's Avatar

Troy can you delete this profile please

74 months ago
Bigbailey2010's Avatar

Troy I would love for you to delete my account since I did not create it I only became aware when I got an email from here

74 months ago
triadmcfury's Avatar

You have to kill it man. It still lives, as a porn infested social graveyard. At least Take it down while you are working on it.

74 months ago
bKriLL's Avatar

its been a long time, whats good bro?!

76 months ago
vilmer's Avatar


78 months ago
carlisle's Avatar

maby time to change your status lol 8 months

79 months ago
DoubleOAwesome's Avatar


82 months ago
DareNakedLadies's Avatar


82 months ago
freeporngames's Avatar

You cool man troy :-)

82 months ago
freeporngames's Avatar

http://Porngames.us porn games to fun :- )

82 months ago
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Troy commented on the dare make me a sandwich.
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