volatileboy is HEATING UP

What am I doing?

I am cornholio!!! I need TP for my bunghole!
98 months ago

try Through the Fire and the Flames on Guitar Hero dare See All

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I saw how much you loved the last one dude :)

lets see what you can get!

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calicab's Avatar

Holy balls look who it is! Sup bitch?

91 months ago
mrmunky's Avatar

i swear you walked past me whilst i was at work avin a fag outside the other day i shouted you but it may/may not have been you! lol

96 months ago
volatileboy's Avatar

Where do you work lol?

96 months ago
volatileboy's Avatar

I have a vivid memory the other day of thinking I heard someone say volatileboy lol so it could have been you, I dont remember where I was tho

96 months ago
mrmunky's Avatar

the varsity across from Wilmslow park.

96 months ago
carlisle's Avatar

hey dude hope your well

98 months ago
Jaster's Avatar

DUUUDDDDEEE......the chucky of the site makes his entrance ...(Bows in awesomeness)

98 months ago
mrmunky's Avatar


98 months ago
mrmunky's Avatar

nice to have you on our team! we'll have to link up some time for some stupid stuff since we're both in manchester.

98 months ago
CrazyRetard's Avatar

cheers for the fannage bro! x.

98 months ago
DoubleOAwesome's Avatar

Welcome to makeadare and thanks for the fan :D

98 months ago
Name Nathan
Location Manchester
United Kingdom
Age 35
Last Seen 83 months ago

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