zombiecomet is a NOOB

What am I doing?

I am being bored wondering if I should do some dares or not XP
85 months ago

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Walk into a crowded gas station the day after lottery is or buy a scratch off and then scream and shout for joy like you won the big bucks. (warning...

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Simple, post a video of you trying to steal some random guys girl or some random girls guy. It can be in a mall, park, anywhere!

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Name Nunya
Location Main Street
United States
Age 63
Last Seen 72 months ago

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I am hard to understand, even if you know me for a long time I will always surprise you with something new. I am going to travel the world one day and I will not let anything get in my way. I am hated by many people but they do not matter to me so nyah! Get to know me, hate me, love me, etc.

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