If you are man enough, try to take some darts to your stomach. If you love pain you will like it :-)

AbsOfSteel dares Izzy711 

I made this a public dare before, but if you are up for some hardcore stuff, this is for you! Just paint some rings on your stomach like the Dudesons and get shot :-)

AbsOfSteel dares freddy95 

Do it for about 1-3 times, please do it hard core. (suggestion. if you can, stab it to wood) Thanks!

1Superlabu dares Everyone 

Only if you are a guy!!! lol....take off ur shirt and show us your abs!

Lauraf dares Everyone 

with a friend who have to stand whith only one foot in the center of your abs.he can hold on a chair...you have do it whith weight on your feet (about 4 kg),in crunch position and you move your legs straight up and down or you make figure numbers whith...

hinguette dares tatichampBG 
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