Take some nettles and lay them on the grass / sand... Add around 12 mousetraps on and set them. * Leave around a 5 metre gap for your run up! Wearing only shorts and no shoes see how far you can jump. If you jump really far - you might...

JDares47 dares Everyone 

Must be legible and your own...must send to stranger of opposite sex

NakedDrummer dares alexa415 

We all have them, you should try it ;) Make it good, and i mean a loooong video of fail videos you tryed and it didnt work out & Bloopers of things you didnt expect to happen like someone sayin something stupid or someone walking in.

DarkCC dares Everyone 

dress in drag walk around a public crowded place and loudly announce that u will sell anyone sexual favours for the price of 2 dollars a pop

awarlock dares Everyone 

So, i love the Comic Cyanide and Happiness. And one of its creators, Dave, lives in Ireland. So in order for the comic to make more, awesome short's, Dave needs to get to the USA. so, not really a Dare...but it would be cool f everyone could sign the...

Fallnangel7 dares Everyone 

Go into a McDonalds and order a Krabby Patty with Coral Bits and a Kelp Shake.

BaboonSkwad dares Everyone 

Draw pubes and/or obscenities on the huge pictures of the models they have at the entrance.

rockonidiot45 dares Everyone 
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