Dress as the movie "Elf", walk in the mall during the holidays, Find Santa and yell and jump up and down screaming "Santa! I know him!" Then wait in line like an over excited kid And have ur pic taken!!!

Julie_Shots dares Everyone 

Work that brain that God gave you do something new. And.............be safe, please ;) Keep it R-Rated also

dragonangyle dares Everyone 

Since the Holiday's are coming up, I want to see some of your holiday pranks. I feel this is a good dare to get things rolling again. Let's see if you can top some of our pranks.

hurlex112 dares Everyone 

Just in time for the holidays we're having our second anual egg nog chug! We dare you to chug a half gallon of [NON-ALCOHOLIC] eggnog. We're going to up the stakes this year. The person we think did the best job will win a MakeADare themed FlipVideo! 1st...

Troy dares Everyone 

Cover yourself in lights, baubles, the lot! lol

LelleyandPom dares Everyone 

ok so its comeing up to that time of the year my towns lighting is geting turned on tonight so lets see your towns xmass lighting make a video

carlisle dares Everyone 
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