Get drunk on camera, drink at least 10 standard drinks, or enough for your BAC to be greater than 0.15. Then try to take a sobriety test on cam such as the walk and turn test. Lastly do something crazy on camera. Video it, then post the vid on this...

Toughguy123 dares the_dudex 

well a jager challege 2.0 is to snort a line of jager and neck a jagerbomb with a double shot of jager in it. for those of you who dont know a jagerbomb is a a shot of jagermeister mixed with an enery drink

brother_peg dares brother_peg 

We did this about a year or 2 ago, Conor & Myself, so here it is, expect a Version 2 to come out soon!

DarkCC dares DarkCC 
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