Get drunk on camera, drink at least 10 standard drinks, or enough for your BAC to be greater than 0.15. Then try to take a sobriety test on cam such as the walk and turn test. Lastly do something crazy on camera. Video it, then post the vid on this...

Toughguy123 dares the_dudex 

if you like jackass you'll love this!!! www.youtube.com/wtfdude518

wtfdude518 dares Everyone 

dress as a "sexy" chick /if you are a dude/ an as a man /if you are girl/.

HeadBangon dares Everyone 

Hot dog eating contest eat as many hot dogs as you can in 2 mins. Buns included, you can dip them in water so it makes it easier to slide down your gullet.

Brett challenges BFlazz 
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