Dress as the movie "Elf", walk in the mall during the holidays, Find Santa and yell and jump up and down screaming "Santa! I know him!" Then wait in line like an over excited kid And have ur pic taken!!!

Julie_Shots dares Everyone 

go to the mailbox, either to mail a letter, or to see if you have mail, wearing a costume.

gwscion dares Everyone 

the dare is this: visit a indoor bounce house business, either dressed in regular clothes or in a costume, and have a employee take pictures of you having fun and jumping and exploring the inflatables!

gwscion dares Everyone 

Go into a mall where Santa is and yell, "SANTA!!!, OH MY GOD, I Know Him!" or some variation of it in front of everyone waiting in line. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jyCfRHumHU

hurlex112 dares Everyone 
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