Follow my directions on web cam. I will message you later tonight and you can do the dare then.

Toughguy123 dares Everyone 

just like on tosh.O you andyour friends wear baggy sweatpants then each of you must take one viagra each and after you take them turn on gay porn. whoever gets a boner first loses whoever can hold out the longest wins

JayC dares Everyone 

Right so, for one week (7 mornings) after accepting this dare, the person who accepts has to keep a dream diary. Whether you write a paragraph, a few scattered words, draw a picture, whatever..... After the 7 days, make a vid sharing what you have written. The part about getting gay?...

calicab dares Everyone 

go up to a random foreigner and act gay!!

Hooplah_Goat dares Crazy_Goat 

Tosh.0 had this challenge the other night and i almost died. If i had a penis i would so try this.. guys pleasee do this CHECK IT OUT.. http://tosh.comedycentral.com/video-clips/gay-porn-viagra-boner-challenge

ShoutAtJordie dares Everyone 

Basically, you gave me an idea about women clothes...and seeing you in women clothes, it's hilarious. On top of that, using your gay voice, it would be awesome.

cloudfightback dares Tchae28 

Just do it. Bonus points if you don't like him which should be everyone.

johnhe00 dares Everyone 

Have a Gay Parade like the Dudesons did, watch link to see video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGBo1sEGHfA

JackoffMovies dares Everyone 

not discriminating on anyone but if you're not gay and you know your parents will freak DO IT

BFlazz dares Everyone 
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