Tie your balls up, and tie your legs apart. Then have a friend lift you up and ram your nuts into a pole... 10 times. Take video and post it

Toughguy123 dares Everyone 

mimic a favorite jackass stunt of mine, tie your balls up, and your legs apart. Then get a group of friends to lift you up and ram your nuts into a pole as hard as they can. Video the stunt and your reaction. If you don't get up within 1...

Toughguy123 dares the_dudex 

Find a Pole in the city or something. Run as fast as you can and dive at the pole.

NeverListenToAdults dares Everyone 

Show that you are a real man, by smashing, killing, destroying your nuts. You can choose how you want to do this, but there has to be contact with the Pole and the Nut(balls).

NeverListenToAdults dares Everyone 
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