To pick some one on " make a dare" and arrange to play a game of truth or dare over the phone... to post it simple just webcam some of the conversation or you doing a dare with someone over the phone....This should be very fun and interesting.... ( I'm...

dago12 dares Everyone 

See how long you can go the longest. You can either have somebody just do it to you or you and your friend do it at the same time and see who can do it the longest. Vedio cord it.

Izzy711 dares Everyone 

Word on the street is that you can die if you eat a feather wrong. Upload your videos of cheated death.

Purple_David dares Everyone 

Dying my hair plum red. Why not?

Detox dares Detox 

Try to whistle your favourite showtune, while enduring a serious purple nurple.

JaggedJames dares Everyone 
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